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General installation principle

The ACCELERATOR module™ is sent by mail (Priority Mail) and with tracking number in a protective envelope.

Detailed installation instructions, for each specific motorcycle model and in several languages, are included.

The IAT sensor needs to be located. Usually this means that some panels needs to be removed on your bike. The IAT sensor is located near the air filter housing.

The arrow below shows the location of the IAT sensor on a BMW F800GS and the right arrow shows the location of the IAT sensor on a BMW R1200GS.

The ACCELERATOR module™ needs to be connected between the connector of the IAT sensor and the connector of the cable going to the ECU.

The connectors can only be connected in one way.

On the extended version of the ACCELERATOR module™, the sensor part needs to be positioned so that the sensor receives ambient air and no heat from the engine.

An installation example of the compact version of the ACCELERATOR module™ on an BMW R1200 series and a BMW F-series.

After reassembly of the panels and saddle, just test and enjoy the benefits of the ACCELERATOR module™ and discover how your engine is improved in many ways!